Chuangyao brand pre gelatinized starch

The pre gelatinized starch produced by Shandong chuangyao Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a kind of modified starch with a wide range of uses. When it is used, only cold water is used to make gelatinization, which avoids the trouble of heating gelatinization. Widely used in medicine, food, cosmetics, feed, oil drilling, briquette, metal casting, textile, paper and many other industries.

Gelatinization principle

Gelatinization is the function of starch grains swelling, splitting and forming a uniform paste solution in water at a proper temperature (the temperature required for starch from various sources is different, generally 60-80 ℃). The essence of gelatinization is that the hydrogen bond between the ordered and disordered (crystalline and amorphous) starch molecules in starch granules is broken and dispersed in water to form colloidal solution.

The gelatinization process can be divided into three stages

(1) In the reversible water absorption stage, the water enters into the amorphous part of the starch grain, and the volume expands slightly. At this time, the starch grain can recover after cooling and drying, and the birefringence phenomenon remains unchanged;

(2) In the irreversible water absorption stage, with the increase of temperature, water enters into the microcrystalline space of starch, irreversibly absorbs a large amount of water, and the birefringence phenomenon is gradually blurred and even disappears, also known as crystal "dissolution", and the starch grain expands to 50-100 times of the original volume;

(3) The starch granules finally disintegrated and all starch molecules entered the solution.

Gelatinized starch is also called α - starch. By dehydrating and drying the fresh gelatinized starch slurry, the amorphous powder which is easy to disperse in cold water, namely "soluble α - starch", can be obtained.

Production method

Production of pregelatinized starch by screw extrusion

Ingredient: potato starch.

Production process: starch → starch milk → gelatinization → drying → crushing → packaging

Characteristic uses

Application of modified starch produced by Shandong chuangyao Biotechnology Co., Ltd. in food: fast dissolving speed and adhesiveness are the main properties of pre gelatinized starch, so it can be used in some occasions with strict time requirements, in the food industry, it can be used to save heat treatment and to require thickening, shape preservation and other aspects, improve the quality of pastry and stabilize the internal organizational structure of frozen food And so on. Pre gelatinized starch is mainly used in the food industry to make soft pudding, gravy filling, pulp, dehydrated soup, seasoning and fruit jelly.

Application of modified starch produced by Shandong chuangyao Biotechnology Co., Ltd. in cosmetics industry: talcum powder is a commonly used skin care product, which is generally made of talcum powder, starch and other auxiliary materials. Nowadays, gelatinized starch is used to replace talcum powder and starch to make new talcum powder in foreign countries, which not only has the characteristics of ordinary talcum powder, but also has the characteristics of good skin affinity and strong water absorption.

The application of modified starch produced by Shandong chuangyao Biotechnology Co., Ltd. in other industries: pre gelatinized starch quickly dissolves in cold water to form high viscosity starch paste, which makes it play a successful application in many aspects. For example, it is used as sand binder in metal casting, sizing agent in textile industry, water quality coating in construction industry, water storage and viscosity in oil well drilling mud, briquette additive in briquette, and raw material for further variable treatment.

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