Shandong chuangyao biotechnology enterprise culture

1、 Business purpose

Pursue excellent quality and create famous brand

2、 Business philosophy

Integrity, customer first, creative innovation.

3、 Enterprise spirit

Build a professional team in the spirit of "integrity, dedication, innovation and Transcendence"

Integrity, emphasizing the fulfillment of promises between enterprises and customers, enterprises and employees, superiors and subordinates; emphasizing the integrity, loyalty and responsible person to win respect from each other.

Dedicated to work, dedicated to work, courageous to take responsibility, unremitting to difficulties, starting from doing their own work, dedicated to the promotion of green energy-saving buildings to contribute their own strength.

Innovation, dare to break through the habitual thinking and bad habits, make good use of new ideas, new thinking and new methods, challenge the innovation space of technology, products, services, management, mechanism and other aspects, and always stay at the forefront of the industry.

Surpass, forget the past success, set up new goals, tap their potential and challenge their strength limit; dissatisfied with the current situation, dare to be the first, enjoy the process of surpassing themselves and rivals, and pursue faster, stronger and better.

4、 Enterprise style

Quality first, customer first, service first

Quality first: strictly control product quality is the responsibility to customers, the responsibility to enterprises, and the foundation for enterprises to build famous brands.

Customer first: take the needs of customers as the responsibility, take the requirements of customers as the guidance, and meet the needs of customers through their own efforts.

Service first: the excellent service of enterprises to customers determines the promotion of enterprise reputation, which is the driving force for enterprises to develop in a better direction.

The company adheres to the people-oriented management concept, takes service as the core, and is determined to provide customers with all-round technical support in the dry powder building materials additive industry.

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