Why choose the products of Shandong chuangyao Biotechnology Co., Ltd

Fast delivery

Chuangyao biological domestic orders and large-scale logistics cooperation can achieve the same day delivery of orders in the same day. Export orders are delivered within 5 days for regular orders and 10 days for orders with more than 50 tons to meet customer needs.


Heavy research and development

Chuangyao biology focuses on the research and development of cellulose ether and VAE / RDP by engineers. The laboratory equipment is advanced and the laboratory personnel are highly professional. It can help more and more customers in different fields customize products according to customer requirements.


Grasp quality

Chuangyao biology adopts DCS automatic control system, with advanced equipment and efficient, safe and stable production products. Strict review of raw material procurement and selection of well-known suppliers.


Good service

The company has employed and trained a large number of professional and high-quality personnel to engage in dry mixing mortar, paint / coating, detergent and other fields. To meet the extensive needs of customers for products and optimize the matching product scheme, we flexibly provide high-quality cellulose ether (HPMC / HEMC / HEC) and VAE redispersible latex powder for these markets.


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