Chuangyao brand redispersible latex powder

1、 Product definition of redispersible latex powder

Shandong chuangyao Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a large-scale production, R & D and sales redispersible latex powder enterprise in China. Chuang Yao redispersible latex powder is water-soluble redispersible powder, which is divided into ethylene / vinyl acetate copolymer, vinyl acetate / tertiary ethylene copolymer, acrylic acid copolymer and so on. After spray drying, the powder binder is made of polyvinyl alcohol as protective colloid. Because redispersible latex powder has high adhesion and unique properties, such as water resistance, constructability and heat insulation, its application range is extremely wide.

2、 Properties of redispersible latex powder

The redispersible latex powder produced by Shandong chuangyao Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has outstanding bonding strength, improves the flexibility of the mortar and has a long opening time, endows the mortar with excellent alkali resistance, improves the adhesion, flexural strength, water resistance, plasticity, wear resistance and workability of the mortar, and has stronger flexibility in the flexible crack resistant mortar.

3、 Application field

Tile binder

Bonding mortar for external insulation system of external wall

Plastering mortar for exterior wall external insulation system

Tile pointing agent

Artesian cement mortar

Internal and external flexible putty

Flexible crack resistant mortar

Rubber powder polystyrene particle thermal insulation mortar

Dry powder coatings

For flexibility, polymer mortar products with higher requirements

5、 Packaging and storage of redispersible latex powder

Chuangyao redispersible latex powder needs to be stored in a cool and dry place. The recommended service life is 12 months. When it is used in summer, please use it as early as possible. If it is stored in a place with high temperature and humidity, it will increase the probability of caking. After opening the bag, please use it as soon as possible. Otherwise, the bag mouth needs to be sealed to avoid absorbing water from the air. International standard paper plastic compound square bottom valve pocket, 25kg / bag. For more information about redispersible latex powder, please contact Shandong chuangyao Biotechnology Co., Ltd. at

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